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1. School Fees

While Sea Point High is a public school, it does rely heavily on the payment of school fees in order to maintain the high standards of schooling that is synonymous with Sea Point High. In addition to everyday running costs, the fees also cover the salaries of educators appointed by the governing body. This allows Sea Point High to offer an array of subjects in its curriculum.


As such great emphasis is placed on the payment of school fees. Parents / Guardians may elect to pay School Fees in one of three ways:

In full as a lump sum by 31 January which will entitle you to a possible discount.

For Grades 8 -11:

In TEN installments (January to October) by the 7th day of each month

For Grade 12:

By EIGHT installments (January to August) by the 7th day of each month
Contact the Bursar by e-mail:  Mrs. C. Ford
Phone No: (021) 4349141

School Fees Structure for 2017





(If paid by 31st January)


(If paid by

first week of each term)






8 - 11


R 13 632.00


R 12 268.80


R 3237.60


R 3408.00  

Jan - Oct

R 1363,20




R 13 632. 00


R 12 268.80


R 3237.60

3 Term

R 4544.00

Jan - Aug

R 1704.00


     Our Banking Details

Branch:                 Standard Bank Sea Point
Branch code:         02-41-09
Account Name:     Sea Point High School
Account Number:  071103988

If payment is made via deposit into the account, please remember to fax or email the deposit slip to the school with the name, surname and grade of the learner clearly Indicated.


2. Work Packages / Subject Levies


Parents are responsible for providing the child with the necessary stationery and equipment required In the subject I learning area.

Subject levies may also be applicable. The levy covers the cost of materials that may be provided by the school in certain subject, for example Art, Technology, Consumer Studies and Design.


3. Fundrasing Committee


Sea Point High parents are encouraged to participate In the Fundraising Committee. The Committee is responsible for organizing various events throughout the year In order to generate further Income. The benefit of this applies to all parents as this assists In keeping the Increase In fees to a minimum.

Time and expertise are valuable commodities and parents who are able to assist the Committee are invited to contact the School on (021) 434 9141.

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