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Art & Design Studios

We pride ourselves as being one of the few schools privileged to offer qualified Art and Design teachers in fully equipped art and design studios.

Developing creativity in young people is an essential part of the learning process. Learners' work is proudly on display in the foyer of the school, reflecting their talent and creativity. Workshops and excursions highlight the essence of art and design within a, working environment.

Resource Centre

Our Resource Centre boasts a selection of over 5000 books, providing a fantastic resource and recreation base for the learners. The dedicated librarian, together with her able assistants, encourages learners to make use of the centre which is open during breaks and after school. It is the perfect opportunity to make new discoveries within the calm and relaxed environment.

Information Technology

We are extremely fortunate to have an Information Technology Centre known as the Khanya Lab which is available for use by all the learners. The

Khanya Lab allows learners to progress at their own pace but under the watchful guidance of the educator who monitors activities from a central work station.

Access to the Internet and various wore processing packages develop the necessary skills within the learner to make exciting discoveries and present them in an organized and efficient. Many of the subjects use the Lab extensively, offering an extra dimension to the dynamic learning process at Sea Point High.

The Khanya Lab is also available to learners after school, under supervision of an educator.

Teaching Venues

Sea Point High prides itself on having neat and airy classrooms that provide an environment conducive to learning. All the classrooms have external aspects, allowing natural light to filter into the learning spaces.

In addition to the standard teaching classrooms Sea Point High is in the fortunate position of having alternative venues that are tailor-made to the various subjects.

The Consumer Studies Laboratory is a fully equipped learning centre providing Sea Pointers with the ideal environment to explore the realm of hospitality.

The Sciences Laboratories provide a safe and suitable area for teaching as well as practical demonstrations and experiments.

The Lecture Theatre and Seminar Room are ~NO large scale teaching venues ideal for group work and presentations

The Seminar Room, in particular, is adapted to house a data projector with lap top thereby allowing interactive presentations.

The School Hall is used extensively, both for teaching and co-curricular activities. Attached to the Hall is the Ballet Room where dancing skills are honed as well as that of table tennis.


Sea Point High regards education as an holistic development of the learner. In addition to mental stimulation, physical development and team work is also highly regarded.

Although not a leading sports school, an opportunity for learners to hone their ball skills is presented through the sport . programme, and is supported with the facilities at Sea Point High.

With beautiful views of the Atlantic sea board, the tennis courts and basketball courts are surely the most beautifully situated.

On the East side of the school the netball courts offer superb views of Lion's Head, part of the inspiration for our school song.

The Five's Court is one of only two in the Western Cape and an integral part of the strong tradition that is at the heart of Sea Point High.

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