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School Activities And Clubs


Sea Point High believes in educating the whole of the learner. This means that educators focus not only on the academic aspect of the learners' education but also on the non-academic aspect.

With this in mind an extensive co-¬curricular programme has been implemented and incorporated Into the academic time-table. This allows learners to commit whole-heartedly to a Club or a Society of their choice. While these Clubs and Societies are facilitated by the educators. the learners are given the opportunity to equip themselves with necessary life skills such as organization administrative tasks and project co-ordination.

Clubs and Societies are expected to participate fully in the school's calendar; Assemblies, Open Day and Celebration Evening are some of the events at which the activities of the Clubs and Societies are show-cased.

Clubs and Societies

  • The Choir and the Sand combine enthusiastic warblers with jamming musicians, showcasing their talents at school events.
  • The Christian Union and the Muslim Society celebrate the freedom of religion and share witness with learners of like minds.
  • The Fund-raising Society provides an excellent introduction to marketing, incorporating event management.
  • Out-maneuvering, out-thinking and strategizing are Integral parts of the Chess Club for those learners who know, or who want to know, the difference between a rook and a pawn.
  • The Community Outreach Club attempts to make a better environment for people from all walks of life, while the Environment Education looks at ways In protecting our tiara and fauna, ensuring the survival of Mother Earth.
  • The Drama Society answers the question 'to be or not to be', providing the perfect platform for budding actors.
  • The Debating Society is all about putting across your opinion to the masses In a dignified, Informed and organized manner that is used by politicians and businessmen around the world.
  • The Computer Club provides an opportunity for learners to explore and expand their IT abilities, with one of the main responsibilities being the School's website.
  • The Walking Club is an introduction to the healthy lifestyle that Is actively pursued by the School.


Table tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket, netball, tennis and volleyball are sports offered at the school. Learners are encouraged to participate in the in-¬house programmes and hone their athletic skills while enjoying team work and competition.

Community Involvement

We are committed to community Involvement and encourage our learners to Join sports clubs In the area most convenient for them.

Local groups include the following:

  • Cricket - Cape Technikon Fields, Green Point
  • Dragon Boating - V&A Waterfront
  • Golf - Metropolitan Golf Club, Green Point
  • Soccer - Cape Technikon, Green Point
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